Enhancing Your Life with Feng Shui

The old practice of Feng shui is one of the older kinds of geomancy and has been around for nearly 3, 500 years since early China. Feng Shui, which means water and wind, practices the belief that qi or the important energy can influence the life of a person a lot through a stable synchronized environment.

In order to use Feng Shui, the connection between man and his or her surroundings must be recognized. One has to arrange every object and furniture inside and outside the home or even in the workplace so that the qi can be located in a continuous free flowing place and therefore give positive vibes in the house and the lives of each member of the house. This belief is continuously applied today and this article can give a few methods on how to create balance and harmony in our lives.

Making use of the Five Phases Method

There are five phases of fire: earth, water, wood, and metal which this method relies upon. All these four elements are connected to each other through a rotating cycle where fire creates earth, earth creates metal, metal creates water, and water creates wood.  Every element signifies a specific direction such as water is situated in the north, fire is situated in the south, wood is situated in the east, metal is situated in the west, and earth is situated at the center.

One great way to make use of this method is to ensure that the house or workplace has these elements so that it is capable of creating good qi. If not, then one specific element may have the possibility to oppose the other elements and can result to a bad qi.

Making use of the Flying Stars Method

The Flying Stars Method is the hardest method to use in Feng Shui because it records the house's or workplace's date of establishment, complete floor plan, and the place's external environment. It is the same with taking your birth sign in astrology but this time, it is known as the birth sign of your home or office.

Even though this method is complicated, its results are more accurate because it is normally done by expert practitioners of the skill. It aims to attain the harmony of the place through looking for the good elements that can help enhance and eliminate the bad elements that has to be removed.

Making Use of the Eight Mansions Method

One well-known method of Feng Shui is the eight mansions method or also known as the Ba Zhai. The Ba Zhai entails the calculation of your kua number, which is rooted in your date of birth. This method can aid you in determining the positive direction for every kua number relates to one specific direction.

The Ba Zhai also aims to look for the good directions and eliminate the bad ones. It also aids you in discovering the compatibility of you and your house or workplace so that you can be more industrious in your career, health, relationships, and luck.

Feng Shui-Proof Your Life

There are so many testimonies that you can hear about the effectiveness and success of Feng Shui throughout so many years. The idea is simple and easy to understand and you can benefit a lot in order to acquire stability and harmonization in your life. You must only recognize the importance of qi and ensure that all things in your environment can bring you peace and tranquility.

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