How To Feng Shui Your Home

Whether your home is a grand palace or a humble cottage, you and your family can benefit from good feng shui.

The Importance of Proportions

Feng shui principles advocate balances and harmony, which in turn creates good chi in the house. For example, as much as possible, the main building of the house should be located in the center of the plot of land. In dark areas and protruding areas of the compound, make sure to install lights as dark areas promote the accumulations of bad chi.

Positioning of Doors

Generally all doors in the house should face your personal auspicious direction. There are also some taboos that should be avoided at all cost when positioning your door. For one, the doors in your house should not directly face another door, whether it's the door of another room and of another house. When two doors face each other, there will be a clash of chi, which will evoke arguments and unrest between the inhabitants of the two rooms.

The other taboo is to have your main door face a junction or crossroads, as they are considered to be potent poison arrows. Dwellings with their main doors facing such directions will suffer from bad feng shui, which may led to accidents, bad fortunes and even death sometimes. If you have a door facing a junction, seal the door and relocated it to a different place.

Interiors of the House

Exposed beams on the ceiling is a popular trend in interior design today. As aesthetically pleasing as it may be, exposed beams on ceilings can bring misfortune to the inhabitants. If your home has some exposed overhead beams, if its not possible to remove them, hang some wind chimes under the beams to soften its harmful effects.

The home's interior should also be free of sharp protruding angles as much as possible. Glass shelves or bookcases should be carefully placed to hide its sharp edges.

It would also be useful to keep the house neat and tidy. Clutter, filth and dirt will cause the chi to stagnate in the area and accumulation of bad chi


Staircases should be wide and gently curving. Spiral staircases are not desirable as they resemble a corkscrew, and are extremely harmful if placed in the middle of the house.

Feng shui guidelines also strenuously warn that staircases should never start directly in front of the main door. It should be ideally out of view from the main door.

Room Shapes

Ideally, all rooms should be either square or rectangular. Odd shaped rooms restricts the flow of energy, which can be harmful to the people in the room. When it comes to furniture arrangement, make sure that the furniture are evenly placed over the room for balanced.

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