How To Use Feng Shui Colors

Colors have scientifically proven to physiologically effect people. Colors have the effect of improving your moods, and many of us have build in color associations. Colors play vital roles in feng shui as well. For thousands of years, colors have been used to harness good feng shui and to attract good fortune. Here are the color elements used in feng shui:

Color Representations:

Yin Representations : Male, activity, enthusiasm, motivation, bright colours, red, yellow, white, etc

Yang Representations : Female, inactivity, healing and relaxation, solemn colours, black, dark blue

As a general rule, in choosing colors, whether its for decorating the house or your office, there should be a balance between yin and yang colors

The Five Elements:


Water : The element is represented by the colors blue and black


Fire : The element is represented by the color red


Earth : The element is represented by the colors yellow & brown


Metal : This element is represented by the colors white and metallic colors (such as silver and gold)


Wood : This is represented by the color green.

Feng Shui practitioners often use colors to activate certain elements. In Feng Shui, the key to using colors is balance. No one single color type should dominate a room. If a whole room is painted white with all-white furniture, it is considered too 'yin'. The use of soothing and dim lights will help balance out this effect. When choosing colors for you home, make sure that the total effect whe one enters the room is neither too bright nor too dark.

Colors can also be used to activate certain wealth directions. Each of the five elements are represented by certain colors. For example, the direction South governs the luck for fame and recognition. The South is goverened by the element of fire. If you with to attract more recognition and fame into your life, make sure to use lots of red in the south corner of your house or your room. In addition, you can use some greens to because the element of wood produces fire ( the productive cycle). Be careful not to use any black or blue in the South corner as the element of fire clashes with the element of water (the destructive cycle).

If you wish to activate your wealth luck, focus on activating the Southeast corner of your house or room. The southeast direction is governed by the wood element, so the use of lots of green in that direction will be beneficial. The use of black and blue will also be good feng shui because the element of water produces wood. Avoid using the color white or any metallic colors because the element of wood clashes witht the element of metal.

It is currently a trend to have monochromatic color themes, where the whole room is of the same color. If this is the type of color scheme which you want to have, make sure you balance the room up using other colors or with lighting effects.

Colors has often been used symbolically in feng shui too. Here are a list of colors and what they connote in feng shui:

Blue : Blue is calm and soothing. It is considered a yin color and is commonly associated with peace and healing.

Black : The main yin color. Black often represents the element of water and therefore is associated with money and earnings. It is also the color of power.

Purple : The color purple has great importance in the practise of feng shui. It is associated with spiritual awareness and mental healing

Yellow : Yellow symbolizes the sun, warmth happiness and friendliness. It is a yang color and some practitioners believe that excessive yellow colors can lead to anxiety.

Orange : Commonly associated with strength and organization.

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