Feng Shui Home Tips

The West has now started to practice Feng Shui which was formerly known as an ancient Chinese practice alone. It aspires for stability in a place so that individuals will have a better way of living. This article provides some Feng Shui advices that can be done in the home to acquire the good "Chi".

The Doorway and Chi

In your home, the first place you can start with is the doorway which must be maintained to be open and free from mess. You have to take off shoes or slippers that are lying around your doorway. It is believed in Feng Shui that the positive "Chi" flows with the wind. That is why if your shoes or slippers are lying around your doorway, it can bring in the smell of your shoes or slippers which may bring sickness in the members of the family.

Once the positive "Chi" enters the house, it will try to look for water to reside in. When water is absent in your home such as in the form of water fountains and aquariums, the positive "Chi" can be swept away by the wind.

Water Tanks and Water Fountains

Because water is connected with the positive "Chi," it is advisable to have water in the home and place it in the proper place. Water fountains and aquariums should be placed in places that can draw the positive "Chi" inside the home. However, if they are placed in the wrong places, the opposite outcomes can occur.

Misfortune and bad luck happens because of an improper positioning. When you notice that you have placed water fountains and aquariums in the wrong place, you must relocate it at once.

The Kitchen and "Chi"

When you are styling your kitchen, you have to ensure that the refrigerator is placed in the opposite of the stove because these appliances tolerate water and fire. When fire and water clash, it can give the members of the family bad luck at home like misunderstandings. It is also similar with the stove being placed opposite with the washing machine or wash basin in the kitchen.

The Living Room and Feng Shui

According to the Feng Shui belief, if you happen to experience extensive stress at your workplace, the marble table can be the cause. What you can do is work your way out of the stress or you can also replace the marble table inside your home with a table that is made out of wood.

In the similar way, color also has an effect on particular things in Feng Shui. An example is a red sofa in the living room which can give more stress and troubles rather than relief. This color does not only coordinate with certain areas inside your house.

These are only a few of the Feng Shui advices that can be done at home. If you start to do these, you can assure that the positive "Chi" can overcome your home and put in the good side.

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