Creating a Harmonious Feng Shui Home with Colors

Colors are vital in Feng Shui and it is used to attract positive energy into the home. In looking for a color scheme for you home, you must choose the one that corresponds to the type of energy that you need in the place where you are living. This article can provide you how to choose the best colors and come up with a peaceful home.

Color Red

Red is the color of fire which signifies diving energy. That is why it is recommended to make use of the color red with more care. It looks best in little ornamental things in your living rooms, instead of furniture or walls colored red. It normally gives courage, confidence, joy, and passion into life.

Color Blue

The color blue, which is the color of the ocean and the sky, creates a sense of calmness. It is recommended to make use of blue in east and southeast parts of the home, whether in walls or ornamental pieces. It really depends on the type of energy that you desire. There are some people who want to use blue in order to sleep soundly and light shades of blue to enhance the ambience of a room.

Color Yellow

The color yellow can lighten up boring rooms that have less sunlight. Because this is a color of the light of the sun, it gives a sense of warmth, happiness, and even the energy of fire but in a more tender way than the color red. But it is said that too much exposure to this color can cause stress on people.

Color Orange

The color orange looks best in the living room or any other place that requires an energetic and ecstatic energy.  It represents creativity, provokes a person's sense of purpose, and triggers happy conversations. This can also be an alternative to the color red if it seems very strong.

Color Green

Any person who is surrounded by green seems to think that it is the color of nature which is rejuvenating and cultivating. It signifies the element of wood and evokes the nature's healing vibrations into the home. Green is good in the home for owners who want development, calmness, and a new beginning. Different shades of green inside the home can make the most out of its effects.

Color Purple

Purple stands for spiritual and mental healing because it is more often utilized in moderation. It is not recommended as a great color for the walls, most particularly in the east and southeast parts of the home for it is highly strong and vibrant. It looks good in a meditation room and sometimes, the lighter shades of purple will look good as an additional color to a room.

Color Pink

Pink signifies love because it is a perfect color to calm and fill love in the heart. It can bring an extremely burning energy into your life, along with the color orange. But if pink is used too much, it can make the members of the home live misleading lives.

Color Black

The color black, which is kind of a heavy color, is used in big amounts because it signifies work and superiority. It looks best indoors, most especially in furniture, frames, shades, and other little ornamental stuffs. It puts in deepness and delineation to wherever you place it.

Color White

White can be used in any area of the home because it is usually used as contrast to bright colors. It can soothe the mind by giving it the energy of virtue, calmness, and a good new future. But there is a tip not to use it any east and southeast area inside your home.

Feng Shui treats the colors in the surrounding as part of something that causes change in our physical, emotional, and psychological states. You must choose the appropriate Feng Shui for your home which may or may not attract the energy that you think it is best for your room.

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