Improve Relationship Luck With Feng Shui Mandarin Duck

The name Mandarin was referred to official in imperial China initially and later on in Korea and Vietnam too. The word Mandarin originated from a Portuguese word "mandarim" and it denotes a minister, and also from a Sanskrit word "mandarin" which denotes commander. It also corresponds to the Chinese word guan. The name of Royal Mandarin ducks is simply due to superiority over other species of ducks as well as plumage.

Ducks are considered as symbol of marriage because these birds usually fly in pairs. All the paired symbols like (two elephants, two fish and two horses) are considered good for a couple in Feng Shui. According to Chinese the Mandarin ducks select their partner once and forever, and if they have to be separated then they die. Therefore, these ducks are also symbolized of fidelity.

The placement of ducks is best for love and relationships especially in the southwestern part of any room. The best way is to hang (pair of ducks) in the bedroom. As a result of this the couple can earn good luck as well as prosperity in relation.

Activation of this charm: If you place this charm close to plants or aquarium then you can achieve its benefits. In order to activate it you can use your wedding rings simply put the rings next to the images or figures at the night time. If you don't like to take off your wedding rings then you can place a photo of you and your partner next to the charm.

Legend behind it: There is a legend behind it that once a Chinese mandarin man planned to divorce his wife. Without telling her wife about his decision he went to a nearby lake for a walk in the evening. He was continuously thinking while walking about how to say this to his wife, suddenly the noise of two Mandarin ducks interrupted his thoughts that were landing on water. He started watching the ducks, which softly bowed each other's neck and then brushed the feathers of each other with love. This scene reminded him of all those wonderful moments that he spent with his wife, and he felt renewed love for his wife. This is the story of ducks and man that saved marriage.

Some effective tips: make sure that then colors of the charm resemble the colors of the living counterparts, so orange ducks are highly recommended by Feng Shui. As their element is earth, so using talismans made of earthy materials is bets like semi-precious gems and stones. Do not place single duck as it symbolizes sadness and loneliness. It is preferred to place four ducks rather than three or five.

For improving and strengthening a relationship in your couple or singles finding a life partner can take advantage of this talisman by placing it in bedroom. You will feel a good change in your love life soon.

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