Simple Feng Shui Tips for the Home

Feng Shui beliefs originated from the Taoist belief that nature is living and it contains energy in many forms. It contains old Chinese art and science and it focuses on creating balance and harmony between man and his or her surroundings.

Lots of contemporary aficionados declare that Feng Shui is basically the arrangement of objects in the house in order to let the positive energy in. Here are some of the Feng Shui home tips that can be done easily:

  • 1. Marble tables do not bring goodness in the home for it only allows stress to overflow. A sofa that is colored red is also not a good idea for it can enhance obstacles and problems in work. You must remove the marble table if there is one and substitute a wooden table instead. As for the red sofa, you must get another sofa with on any other color.
  • 2. Lighting is very vital in a room for it is the ultimate energy source. As for rooms where natural light is not available that much, painting the walls yellow is a good idea for it signifies light from the sun.
  • 3. The bed in the room must be situated beside a wall. When you sleep, your feet must not face the door for it contains a negative meaning. Moreover, you must not put a mirror near your bed where you can see yourself lying down for it also has negative meaning. You must remove it or cover it with a blanket while you sleep.
  • 4. Doorways should not be full of many things like shoes and the like. The entrance to the house must be cleared so that Qi can freely enter the house or room. The seating should also be situated properly in a way that nobody sees the door.
  • 5. Mirrors inside the room aids in letting positive energy reside in the room. They increase the quantity of light that goes into the room so that the room may seem to become bigger that it normally is, which makes the room cozy.
  • 6. Nature can be represented by plants and putting them inside the room can bring healing and nurturing. But once the plants die, they can attract negative energy so you have to bring them out of the room right away.
  • 7. You have to make sure that refrigerator, dishwashers, washing machines, and sinks are not place in an opposite position to the stove. When water and fire clash, they can bring negative vibes such as disagreements in the room, especially the members of the family that reside in it.
  • 8. Do not let your kids sleep on the floor for it can trigger sickness in them. The positive energy that flows under the bed is good for our health. That is why your kids should sleep in beds with spaces underneath. But double bunk beds are not recommended for the person who is sleeping on the bottom can get sickness more often.
  • 9. Disorders or clutters inside a room can bring negative energy as well. There should always be positive energy flowing in every corner of your room. Once clutter is present, it must be removed out of the house, especially at the central part of the house because it serves as the heart of the house.
  • 10. Bathrooms must be maintained and the door to it must be close all the time in order to keep the bad energies away. Closing the doors in all parts of the home can also help remove the bad energies and bring in health domestic relationships and good health instead.

If you are a beginner in learning about Feng Shui, you must know that using certain tools is the only way to create a balanced home. You must stick with the fundamental aspects first in order to draw the positive energy inside your house.

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