The Yin and Yang of Feng Shui

You must be wondering if Feng Shui is truly for both men and women. Even though there are no questions about the idea that Feng Shui has the ability to attract positive energy into the home by simply arranging furniture and placing them in the proper places, it can still bring a lot of information regarding culture if you look hard enough.

The Yin and Yang are very well-known as a feature of Feng Shui. It means that both the Ying and Yang are important in order to value the loveliness of every little or big thing. It states that it is impossible to appreciate the good without the bad, darkness, and others. This idea of opposites and harmony is also related to the earth's elements: earth, fire, water, wind, and wood. All of these elements are in harmony if positive Feng Shui exists.

Yin has characters like power, capability, assertiveness, and it is ascribed as masculinity. Alternatively, the Yang side is characterized by weakness, femininity, and softness of things. You may ask if this is a good thing because our world is in majority to males.

The concept of Feng Shui is already put in order by its scope. When you inquire regarding Feng Shui to a person, he or she can tell you about the symbols: Yin and Yang, the Bagua, and the charms that are utilized by Feng Shui professionals in order to remove the bad energy. But the major ideas on Feng Shui are not all original. One Greek philosopher named Heraclitus gets credit for denoting the idea of Yin and Yang. Subsequently, psychology on colors and other visual media can refer to a few theories that are related to the teachings of Feng Shui.

What is interesting is that many women are attracted to Feng Shui practice, which is quite weird because they are supporting a belief that states men are strong while females are weak. Other than the Yin and Yang idea, there are no visible accounts that states gender bias.

Another thing that must be troubling people is that if Feng Shui is worth applying for. The answer to this question is comparative for it depends on the person where the question came from and his or her life background. If the person is born in an unprejudiced culture where restrictions on what you can or cannot do are less, then applying Feng Shui in your life is not going to be difficult. In the meantime, you may experience lifestyle changes because you may be under a group where the members oppose the major views on Feng Shui.

Moreover, Feng Shui also has its own Yin and Yang. If you are interested in going to the deeper Feng Shui, you have to research and read on promotional materials and even hate the ones that speak against Feng Shui. Changes are not really a problem when you apply Feng Shui because Feng Shui is harmless in nature and it does not include major alterations in your life and beliefs.

However, if you like to be more careful, you can read more and you will eventually discover that aside from the layers of promotion, FengShui is absolutely more than just a simple rearrangement of furniture.

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